Utilizing their seemingly unfettered authority to do anything that strikes their fancy without oversight by anyone, Homeland Security has instituted a requirement that private aircraft operators seek government permission each time we propose to take off if we are planning to depart for Canada, Mexico or the Caribbean. ...

It is important to understand that this requirement breaks entirely new ground. While ENTERING any country requires formalities, never, ever, has it been necessary to seek and receive government permission to LEAVE America, the “land of the free,” much less to travel within its borders. And never, ever, has it been proposed that such permission is somehow necessary to preserve “national security.” This is a requirement only previously seen in Iron Curtain dictatorships.

via From A Concerned Pilot - Transterrestrial Musings.

Snopes has no note of this as a hoax, so I'm contingently marking this as "could be true".

This also makes me think of the people who think it's a good idea to put a fence at the border "to prevent illegal immigration." A fence works both ways, guys.