Indeed, we have always held it to be a peculiar pathology that Canada, though reflexively rejecting a two-tier health system, would tolerate a two-tier justice system. That is, as an alternative to judgment by the standards of the Canadian Criminal Code under which the accused citizen is availed of many rights, predictable procedural expectations and customary defences, Canadians will also allow their free speech and publication rights to be policed under a system of agenda-motivated provincial and federal tribunals, where none of those protections exist.

In these despotic forums, the vehicle of choice for those who wish to silence those whose opinions they don't like, what is conventionally called a human rights complaint is less accusation, than old-style Soviet denunciation. Not surprisingly, with no right to plead truth or fair comment, and with no obligation upon the prosecution to prove intent or follow rules of evidence--circumstantial evidence and hearsay is accepted in human-rights cases -- defendants hardly ever emerge victorious from these proceedings.


Those who take salaries from the human rights establishment believe they do a good thing. Even those who write racist remarks on websites in an attempt to draw out other racists, believe the end justifies the means. But of course, so in a bygone age did Torquemada, so do Iran's mullahs today. Zealots can be found on all continents and in all centuries. They believe things would go better if only people believed as they did. Unfortunately, these are usually the last people to whom the state's coercive power should be entrusted.

via CHRC seeks more powers.