The Solar_Valid class had some bugs in it that were revealed by unit testing, so I had roll a new release. The change notes are all related to Solar_Valid, which now has its own test suite.

* The inList() method now strict-checks values; this helps avoid confusing (for example) '0', 0, and empty strings.

* The inScope() method was broken, have replaced with an algorithm that actually works (and is incidentally more streamlined).

* The max() and min() methods no longer treat empty strings as zero.

* The nonZero() method now works properly in all tested cases, even multiple string zeros (e.g., '000' is still zero).

* Per note from Chris Drozdowski about ISO 8601, the isoTime() method now allows two midnight times: "00:00:00" marks the beginning of the day, and "24:00:00" marks the end of the day.

There are no documentation changes for this release.

(Solar is a simple object library and application repository for PHP5; it is E_STRICT compliant.)

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