With the new release of Solar 0.6.0, one user has asked if there is a roadmap for future releases. (Solar is a simple object library and application repository in the spirit of PEAR and Horde.)

I'm afraid there's no roadmap, but there is a to-do list. I wrote it specifically in response to the roadmap question, and the initial contents are as follows. As you can see, it's relatively ambitious; if anybody would like to join the project, just contact me by email; this is a good time to for interested developers to get in on the ground floor and make a name for themselves.

  • Document and write tests for existing classes
    • which will result in API changes as discrepancies are revealed
    • may add new minor classes as refactoring occurs
  • The last of the docs and testing will be the Sql class
    • they are the most complex
    • Sql_Driver classes will be converted to PDO
    • Sql_Entity class needs refactoring (far too complicated, try separate Table and Select classes)
    • Possible addition of portable pseudo-SQL string and date functions
  • Then new classes (in no particular order)
    • Foundation classes
      • Solar_Log, universal logger (c.f. PEAR Log)
      • Solar_Event, universal event dispatcher
    • Solar_Text, text manipulation classes
      • Solar_Text_Markup, transformation for BBCode, ReST, Textile, Wiki, etc (c.f. PEAR Text_Wiki)
      • Solar_Text_Diff, difference engine (c.f. PEAR Text_Diff)
    • User classes
      • Solar_User_Prefs, user preferences collection
      • Solar_User_Perms, user permissions collection
    • Cells
      • Solar_Cell_Bayes, universal Bayes filtering (for comments, trackbacks, edits, etc)
      • Solar_Cell_Hits, hit counting for page views, visitors, referrers, etc
      • Solar_Cell_Prefs, user and application preferences storage
      • Solar_Cell_Perms, user permissions storage
  • Then new apps:
    • Solar_App_Wiki (the follow-on to YaWiki)
    • Solar_App_Blog (using the Wiki engine)

A universal content model is under development as well.

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