Before I continue, please note that Clay Loveless volunteered the hosting services and has managed the transition in a most professional way (even though he is not a hosting provider, he's a PHP guru). Clay set up the new services, including mailing list (with transition of archives and addresses), email accounts, Subversion repository, database, web with SSL, and PEAR channel server. He runs Killersoft and Pearified; you really should consider contacting him for your next PHP project, as his attention to detail and commitment to high quality service have been obvious throughout the transition process.

And now the cat is out of the bag; everything we gained in the transition is listed above. Point by point, the details are:

* Solar is still at, the API docs are still at, and bug reporting is still at

* The Subversion repository is now available for browsing and anonymous reading at You want to commit patches or add packages? Email me, the benevolent dictator of the Solar system, at pmjones at solarphp dot com -- we'll work something out.

* Clay set up a PEAR channel server based on Davey Shafik's excellent Cerebral Cortex work. Although there are no packages loaded yet, they will end up at Look for more on that later. In the mean time, you can download the latest release at

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