Right now solarphp.com is hosted at TextDrive, which (a) costs money, and (b) is not too flexible. Through the generous good will of Clay Loveless, who runs pearified.com, Solar will soon be hosted on another machine. Among the benefits will be SSL-based access to the Subversion repository, as well an honest-to-Zoroaster PEAR channel, which means we'll be able to do some cooler stuff with installations and usage tracking.

This may entail a bit of confusion over the next few days. We'll be moving the mailing list, so you may see an "unsubscribe" and then a new "subscribe" in your inboxes. Not sure yet if that'll be necessary, but don't be surprised if it shows up. Don't know yet how to export the archives, but if we can save them, we will.

After that's done I'll post another update. The mailing list and Solar website may be flaky during transition, so if you need to contact me, use my "real" address at pmjones-at-mac-dot-com.

(p.s. Yes, PHP Tropics was excellent. I'll write more about that later. :-)

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