Recent works available online:

  • Solving the N+1 Problem in PHP (Mar 2015) is a follow-up to "Modernizing" (2014). In it, you will learn what the N+1 problem is, why it occurs, how to diagnose and discover it in your application, and how to solve it using plain old PHP without an ORM system.

  • Action-Domain-Responder (May 2014) is a technical essay describing a web-specific refinement of the Model-View-Controller pattern.

  • Modernizing Legacy Applications in PHP (Apr 2014) is a step-by-step refactoring guide. As you apply these incremental refactorings in order, each one building on the last, you will steadily transform your legacy PHP application from a spaghetti mess to an organized, modern, testable application, free of globals and mixed concerns.

Older works available only on paper:

  • Introduction to Solar (Jul 2006, PHP Architect)

  • Yawp for PHP (May 2005, International PHP Magazine)

  • The Savant Template System for PHP (Feb 2005, International PHP Magazine)

  • Yet Another Wiki for PHP (Dec 2004, International PHP Magazine)