PHP-Styler is a companion to PHP-Parser for reconstructing PHP code after it has been deconstructed into an abstract syntax tree.

I've done quite a bit with PHP-Styler since the last-announced 0.5.0 release a few weeks ago; the most important things are:

  1. Comment handling has been greatly improved, including greater fidelity regarding inline comments.
  2. There are now instructions on how to customize the Styler presentation.
  3. The demo site looks a lot nicer, and has a pretty good logo now.

Even though PHP-Styler is still in its 0.x release series, and is good enough for me to use on my own projects, it would benefit from wider usage to find edge cases. If you try out the Styler and find problems with it, please enter an issue!

Further, if you build a customized style, please let me know, and I can advertise it on the site.

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