The PHP Package Development Standards (PDS) initiative researches the PHP package ecosystem to extract common practices existing in real packages. It rationalizes and refines those practices, then publishes them as PDS packages for reference by PHP package authors.

After several weeks of effort, and two weeks of private review, the pds/composer-script-names publication is now open for public review.

This publication defines a standard for Composer script names regarding, as well as a naming standard for those scripts, revealed by examining the entire Packagist ecosystem.

Please leave your review comments as issues on the research repository so we can maintain a good historical record.

When participating in public review, please:

  1. Review the research methodology and the results to make sure I have not missed anything important, that the assessments make sense, and that there are no other stronger interpretations.

  2. Review the final conclusions and recommendations to make sure they follow reasonably from the research.

  3. Note for typos, grammatical errors, and other drafting issues.


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