When I first published AutoRoute in April 2019, I benchmarked it out of habit, to see how it compared to the fastest routing system I knew, FastRoute. The benchmark results at that time typically looked like this on PHP 7.2:

AutoRoute Runtime: 0.11443305015564
FastRoute Runtime: 1.9010598659515
FastRoute Cached:  0.12522411346436

It turned out that AutoRoute was very slightly faster than FastRoute; I was pleased, but surprised. Getting anywhere close to FastRoute was enough for me.

Lately, though, I've been working on the 2.x version of AutoRoute, and I compared 2.x to the 1.x benchmark. I was very unhappy with the results: 2.x was something like 6x slower than 1.x. While investigating the causes, I noticed that I had XDebug turned on. Turning it off brought the comparative benchmark to something much more reasonable.

It turns out that I made the same oversight when benchmarking 1.x against FastRoute, so I have corrected my error and updated the 1.x AutoRoute benchmarks. I am even more surprised now: the scenario reports that AutoRoute is about 3x faster than FastRoute:

AutoRoute Runtime: 0.027965068817139
FastRoute Runtime: 0.21157002449036
FastRoute Cached:  0.10321187973022

Now, remember: routing is only a tiny part of your overall application performance. Using AutoRoute over FastRoute will not triple the speed of your applications. Still, it is satisfying to find better performance where you can.

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