To understand the Nazis accurately, you have to read their own quotes and propaganda. The story told by the Nazis themselves depicts a very different party than what modern journalists would like us to believe. The Nazi (National Socialist German Workers Party) or National Socialists as they called themselves, had the following five key characteristics:

  1. The Nazis were a self-proclaimed socialist movement that called for the end of capitalism, abolishment of non-labor income (interest and finance), and proposed an all-powerful central authority to regulate the market

  2. Racial identity politics was used to identify an oppressor class (Jews), that embodied both the evil nature of capitalism and the anti-German nature of communism

  3. Strong nationalistic pride was a core pitch to the people to justify a stronger central authority

  4. The party used militant radical socialist activists to harass businesses and political enemies with acts of violence

  5. Limitations on free speech and removing access to dissenting views

Via American Thinker.

Aside: the evils of National Socialism stemmed not from the nationalism, but from the socialism.

Also: the only way the Nazis are to your right, is if you are a Communist.