Some quick notes from the past few days about various projects:

  • The core Action-Domain-Responder implementation package for Radar has had its first beta release. (I’ll be able to release a stable version when the various pacakges it requires go stable as well, Aura.Di 3.x being the most relevant.)

  • The core implementation package of Bookdown, the DocBook-like documentation generator that uses Markdown and JSON instead of XML, has had its first beta release as well.

  • We released Aura.Filter 2.1.0 with new isNotBlank() functionality. Have I mentioned that it has what is probably the most thorough email validation in PHP-land? (And really good UTF-8 support as well.)

  • We’re starting on the 3.x version of Aura.Sql, which provides a bunch of convenience functionality around PDO. This new version starts off by providing yield*()generator methods; you can use those instead of fetch*() to conserve memory when working with larger data sets.

Finally, I have added a ton of content and resource links to this blog:

  • under appearances you will find lots of podcasts I’ve been invited to;

  • code lists all my current and past projects;

  • community lists some of my community work;

  • talks reveals almost every presentation I’ve ever given, with slides and recordings when available;

  • and writing collects my various technical publications into one place.