Hollywood lies to you. You cannot have sex with multiple men before marriage and walk away emotionally and physically unscathed. There will be no handsome millionaire willing to marry you when you’re 33 and ready to settle down. Once you’re married, adultery is no light, breezy thing. You probably won’t live in that huge home with a pool and a maid to do the cleaning. Your “high-powered” career will mostly likely consist of tedious paperwork in a claustrophobic office cubicle as you daily work through messy office politics and cope with a few difficult colleagues, while worrying about all those unfinished tasks at home. All too often, especially if you made poor choices about what to study in college, you will not get your dream career. You might actually end up being the maid or the nanny for another woman, doing the same housework/childcare in a stranger’s home that feminists always told you was sneer-worthy work to do in your own home. Your debt load will scare you. Your loneliness could shatter you. Men will come and go as they use you for their sexual pleasure and you will pretend to feel “empowered” by letting them do so. Those of you who do marry will have to work hard at suppressing some depression-causing discontent in your late 30s when you look at your non-movie-star husband, the average home that’s as nice and as big as it’ll ever get, the kids who are just as special and wonderful as every one of their classmates, the neighbors who have more holidays and nicer vehicles than your family, and the sheer ordinary-ness of your life compared to the lives of the rich and famous.

Some women break. When a single woman breaks, she chiefly damages herself. When a married-with-children woman breaks, she damages many other lives as she runs off in search of the fantasy world of “perfect-happiness-with-a-gorgeous-sensitive-rich-man” that Hollywood fed to her.

As I said, there are many reasons why all too many Western women are unhappy. Hollywood is one of them.

via One Reason Western Women are Unhappy | Return of Queens.