Slevin was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in New Mexico in 2005. But he was never convicted, never tried, never even saw a judge. Yet he spent almost two nightmarish years in solitary confinement with treatment that devastated his physical and emotional health. Once you read this, you'll never look at our justice system quite the same way again.

After Steven's arrest on suspicion of DUI and driving a stolen car, he was placed in solitary confinement because because officers felt he might be "suicidal."

There, he was essentially forgotten about by the legal system. He was given no health care. His toenails grew so long they curled around his feet. He developed bed sores. A fungus grew on his skin after being denied showers. He lost a ton of weight. His hair grew long and shaggy -- he looks like he just got off a desert island. He descended into madness. And his dental problems grew so severe that he was forced to pull out one of his rotting teeth by himself.

Eventually, after 22 months, Steven was released after all charges against him were dismissed! Not only couldn't anyone prove he was drunk driving, but his lawyer says the car wasn't stolen -- it was a friend's car. Now the poor man has lung cancer and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.

At least Steven was just awarded one of the largest civil rights settlements in history. He was awarded $15.5 million, but the county is appealing. Appealing??! Give this man every penny!

Yet another example of why government powers need to be reduced, not expanded. Via Man Left in Solitary Confinement for 2 Horrific Years ... for Suspected DUI (VIDEO) | The Stir.