It's a sample, but still, this dude sounds high and hungry. And not bright. The fun starts at about 4:45.

I'd like, uh, Captain Crunch, and, some Special K,
toasted on the out and nice & on the inside,
and, uh, I would, would like some spaghetti, linguine,
sandwich, with a light bread, on the out, on the medium over
on like, some, like some candy canes
and eggs sunny side up
on, uh, on the toast
and i'd like the (aveneen?) rare,
i'd like some moo goo, gai pan, without the pan,
some pans
and i'd like, uh, i'd like some corned beef
on mustard with, with the rye and some (therma?)
i'd like a pickle with the lettuce
and (add it's all good)
I'd like an eggcream with chocolate, with vanilla in it,
and vanillas, shakes
and i'd like on the rye
i would like some scrambled eggs
and would like some muffin
limey to go
with feet