In a hushed but gruff tone, he [Nixon] told me he wanted me to call Assistant Attorney General Henry Petersen, because he wanted legal action taken against the demonstrator.  When I asked the President if the demonstrator was throwing anything, he erupted, red-faced:  “The little shit broke the police line.  For all I know he was going to kill me.  You tell Petersen to find a law he’s broken, and nail him.” Then, smacking a clenched right fist into his left hand, Nixon said, “Let’s make an example out of that goddamned jerk: prosecute his ass!”

When there are so many laws that daily living means you are a felon three times a day, those in power can prosecute you whenever they feel like it. Via Dealing With Aaron Swartz in the Nixonian Tradition: | John Dean | Verdict | Legal Analysis and Commentary from Justia.