The ONLY thing that can validate your art and thus you is OTHER PEOPLE.  And if your art sucks (which it certainly does) then it's not art, and is nothing more than a child in an adult's body forcing crap on the rest of us.

Here's a good way to tell if your art sucks and if you are indeed not an artist:

Is your "work" subsidized in any way by the government?

If it is, then your art sucks.  The reason why is that your art is SO BAD that it requires the government to FORCIBLY TAKE MONEY FROM OTHER PEOPLE to buy it.  Nobody willingly buys it because it's that bad.  But to spare your worthless feelings, politicians will (for the cost of a vote) make other people waste a percentage of their precious and finite lives to pay the taxes to pay for your veritable crap that you call "art."

Emphasis mine. Via Captain Capitalism: Hey Art Majors, You Suck!.

P.S.: "now's the point in time you rehearse your 'you don't understand art' BS and condescend me about being 'ignorant' about art and having a close-minded view of your 'field.'"