This is a variation on what the TSA did to me during my recent flight back from Manchester. The worker asked me, during the pat-down, "So where are you headed today?" My response: "Wherever it says on the ticket." He got real ugly after that.

As [Muskeegon Chronical writer Steve] Gunn was standing in security line at the Detroit airport when a young woman in a uniform approached him. Gunn reports:

(Big Brother) actually presented himself in the deceptive form of a young, attractive female officer, working for the Transportation Security Administration at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.

At first she simply seemed chatty and friendly. She looked at my airline boarding pass and noted that I was coming from Denver. Then she mentioned that I was headed from Detroit to Grand Rapids.

After explaining that he was just returning home, the TSA agent’s question started getting a bit more invasive. She wanted to know “where home was” -- and that’s when Gunn realized that something was not right about this questioning and he asked why the agent needed to know all of this. Her response was that this was part of a new security “pilot program.”

That answer was not good enough for Mr. Gunn. He made it quite clear to the woman performing the TSA “Chat-Down.”

- He was an American citizen

- He was traveling within his own country

- He was not breaking any laws

- That was all the government needed to know and he was not going to share any information

And that’s when the agent loudly announced to her superiors (and everyone else standing in line): “We have another refusal here!”

By shouting that line, the woman triggered a response from supervisors and other agents in the area.

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