My instincts on this story out of Lincoln, Nebraska have panned out.  A lesbian woman falsely claimed that three men attacked her, cut bigoted words into her skin, and lit her house on fire.  Vigils were held; PayPal accounts were set up; outrage was expressed.  But the first giveaway is this:  what would motivate three men to attack a lesbian woman in such a way?  Even homophobic men don’t typically hate lesbians so strongly.  People who are so angry that they would actually carve something in a person’s body are also not likely to leave any loose ends.

(Addendum:  Just for fun, Gawker reports on this too. Comments there should be fun as someone there quickly pointed out that anyone who felt that the case was a hoax when the story was initially reported last month were summarily shouted down. ...)

My question: Why the *hell* did she do it? Malice so strong that she had to harm herself to give it voice? Via Another Hate Crime Hoax « Gucci Little Piggy.