In May 2007, my husband and I were asked to assist an acquaintance in putting down a 14-year-old dog because the owner was not strong enough to do so on her own. As we own several dogs and cannot bear to see an animal suffer, we agreed.

The teenaged daughter of the dog's owner witnessed this discussion and protested the plan vehemently. One week later, the day before the planned euthanasia, a county police officer and an investigator stood on my front porch. The investigator who whisked my husband of 15 years into his vehicle told him that the girl had accused him of touching her.

My husband was never alone with the girl. He is a moral and truthful man. We were shocked by this claim but certain that nothing could or would come of it. Unfortunately, we were wrong.

This is old (2010) but still relevant. Yes, girls (and women) *do* lie about this stuff to get what they want. Via Sex offender registry: The result of legislative predator hysteria | |