As part of “trying new things,” I have moved my web frameworks benchmark project over to Git on Github and away from Subversion on Google Code.

This project is often imitated and occasionally adopted. For all you framework fans who want to compare their preferred systems to the ones officially included in the project, you can now fork the repo and add your favorite. Who knows, some may make their way back onto the officially-included list.

Additionally, I have modified the project so that you can use one of three different benchmarking tools: Apache Benchmark, JoeDog siege, or ACME http_load. After you follow the setup instructions, you can run benchmarks using each of the different tools against the same benchmark targets:

./bench/ab.php targets/baseline.ini
./bench/siege.php targets/baseline.ini
./bench/httpload.php targets/baseline.ini

Comments or questions? Leave a note below.

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