The very phrase “insecure borders” conjures an image of government failing at its most fundamental responsibility--namely, protecting citizens from invading marauders. People see in their minds’ eyes an America increasingly at risk of being conquered by foreigners, leaving Americans at the mercy of invading rapists, plunderers, and murderers.

Immigrants, however, aren’t invaders, much less warriors in a conquering army.


For perspective, ask if America’s borders were insecure until 1921 when, with the Emergency Quota Act, Uncle Sam first began seriously to restrict the number of immigrants allowed into the United States. Were Americans, until just 90 years ago, living in peril of their lives and livelihoods because U.S. borders were "insecure"?


In fact, the security of American borders--if by this phrase we mean genuinely decreased risks to Americans’ persons and property--would almost certainly rise with open borders.

via Secure in Freedom | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty.