Through the highway camera system, it was hoped that an additional burst of revenue would roll in. Instead, it became a massive drain on the state's budget. Not only did it not bring in the hoped-for revenue, it didn't even make enough money to pay for expense of installing and maintaining the cameras.

The citizens simply ignored the tickets that arrived in the mail. The state of Arizona doesn't have the money nor the resources to follow up on the unpaid tickets. To top that all off, a group of activists went around vandalizing the traffic cams '" icing on the cake.


Another quote from Lt. King was, "If everyone was to drive the speed limit, the cameras would never flash." As if the flashing light was the real problem, and strangers with guns watching the through cameras is of no concern.

Sorry, Lt. King, but our American culture was built on the idea that we can '" and should '" tell the political class to piss off. The Founders refused to comply with political thuggery, and they revolted against the insolence of an elitist political class.

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