Many of those who had no problem with government control or power growing under President Clinton were horrified to see control or power growing under President George W. Bush. Yet, as vociferously as they objected to what they saw as abuse of power by Bush, many of these same people welcome growing government control and power under President Obama. And those who supported Bush as he expanded government, even domestically and even outside of areas related to national security, were then horrified at the growth of government under Obama.

It’s time to stop cheering for a team, to put down the political pom-poms and to allow the government, when it is your party in office, to only have as much power as you would be comfortable with it having if the other side were in power. Because at some point it will be the other side in power. And if you were cheering for one side to have that power, most likely you won’t be happy about how that power is used when the other side has it (even when both parties take us in the same direction).

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