Currently before the House Judiciary Committee, "The Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2009 would authorize Attorney General Eric Holder to deny the sale or transfer of firearms to known or suspected terrorists--a list that could extend beyond groups such as radical Islamists and other groups connected to international terror organizations," Fox News reported.

Who could argue about denying arms to terrorist? No one. Yet, with this bill, the devil’s in the details.

"Critics say the names of suspected terrorists could be drawn from existing government watch lists that cover such broad categories as animal rights extremists, Christian identity extremists, black separatists, anti-abortion extremists, anti-immigration extremists and anti-technology extremists."

In effect, any group or people who someone might want to label as "extremist" or "anti."

via Gun Digest - Federal "Terrorist" Legislation Could Threaten Gun Owners.