Civil rights "boo!" to this LA:

Sen. Alexander votes against guns in national parks

More here. Here's the vote. AP story. Another story. It appears he was the lone Republican voting against it. Here's his no vote.

UPDATE: Just confirmed with his office he did vote against the measure. Details coming.

UPDATE II: Here's the statement his office just e-mailed me: I have consistently been a strong supporter of Second Amendment rights, but this legislation goes too far - further than President Reagan, further than President Bush, and further than Tennessee law.

UPDATE III: TN's other senator, Bob Corker, voted for the measure.

UPDATE IV: Glenn Reynolds: Not a good move for Lamar.

SayUncle: Neither Bush was exceptionally friendly to gun rights. While Reagan signed the Firearms Owners Protection Act, it also contained the Hughes amendment.

Rustmeister's Alehouse: Ok, Mister Senator, but I have to ask: Does it go further than the US Constitution? Or, for that matter, the desires of your constituents ?

UPDATE V: Statement from Sen. Bob Corker, R-TN: I understand the importance of ensuring the safety of people visiting our national parks as well as protecting our nation's wildlife from illegal poaching. I believe states should have the ability to weigh these considerations in carrying out their responsibility to regulate firearms within their borders.

via Sen. Alexander votes against guns in national parks.

But civil rights "yay!" for this LA:

The House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice voted 9-6 today for a bill that would allow those with concealed handgun permits to carry their weapons on campus.

House Bill 27 by Rep. Ernest Wooton, R-Belle Chasse, was approved over the objection of college students and officials who said the measure would make their campuses less safe.

Officials at Tulane and Loyola universities have said they are opposed to the bill, which would allow the concealed guns on campus if the individual has passed a background check and is qualified to carry a concealed weapon.

The bill would allow the governing boards of the colleges to designate where the weapons would be stored while the carrier is on campus.


More commentary here: Common Sense in Louisiana.