I am not a Constitutional Law scholar, but this looks pretty good to me, and very much within the spirit of the Tea Parties:


You can grab the amendment document here:


These look to be the kind of smaller-government Federal modifications, and ways to more-properly restrict the overreaching Federal government. A short run-down:

  1. Limits the Federal use of the Inter-State Commerce Clause.
  2. No unfunded Federal mandates, and no Federal spending on things the Federal government has no power to otherwise regulate.
  3. Activity occurring entirely within a State may not be regulated by the Federal government.
  4. States may rescind Federal law when 2/3ds of the States vote to do so. (Is this related to the drug war?)
  5. No Federal taxes on estates or gifts (the "Death Tax"); repeals existing taxes and denies future implementations of same.
  6. No Federal income tax; repeals the 16th Amendment, thus ending the income tax and denying future implementations of same. (Excise and sales taxes are explicitly allowed, paving a way for the Fair Tax.)
  7. Term limits: 2 for Senators, 6 for Representatives.
  8. Balanced budget veto. This looks like it gives the President a line-item veto power over any budget items that leave the Federal government with more debt than in the preceding budget.
  9. More explicit protections for the liberties and privileges of the People, both enumerated and unenumerated.
  10. This one's the kicker: "[No Judicial Alterations of the Constitution.] The words and phrases of this Constitution shall be interpreted according to their meaning at the time of their enactment, which meaning shall remain the same until changed pursuant to Article V." Gotta love that.