I just discovered nosmarty.net in my Solar referrer logs. I have little love for Smarty, so it's nice to see this:

First released in January 2001, Smarty has become a stagnant, bug-ridden mess--and also the most popular PHP templating engine in use today. But it shouldn't be. No Smarty was created to warn developers about its use and encourage the use of superior alternatives.

Hey guys, you might want to add Savant to your list of PHP5 alternatives. Aside from that, great site!

UPDATE: To those who think my tone is inappropriate -- "I'm not disrespectful, I'm just ahead of the curve." </joker> ;-)

UPDATE (Thu 05 Jan): Please note that I am not affiliated with nosmarty.net in any way. I just saw it in my referrer logs and linked to it in this post. Thank, Ivo Jansch, for pointing out the need for clarity here.

UPDATE (Thu 05 Jan 10:56): A commenter below opines "If Smarty is used in the right manner, I don't see why it can't have it's place within the arsenal of tools for developers to use." I respond that there *is* no right manner in which to use Smarty; it's solving the wrong problem. I expound on that here:

You may have heard that you need to keep your PHP and HTML separated, but that’s not quite the case. Instead, what you need is to keep your "business logic" separate from your "presentation logic", and that’s a different thing entirely.

Thus, all that’s required is a way to keep your views and controllers separated, and perhaps provide helpers for common view tasks. Then you can use plain PHP in your view scripts (templates), without needing a whole new language.

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