In the spirit of some other framework projects, the Solar Framework for PHP 5 now offers a ready-to-use Solar system to get new users off to a quick start. It's not prepared as a tarball just yet, but it is available for checkout or export using Subversion from

For example, if you make a checkout in your document root ...

$ cd /var/www/html
$ svn checkout solar

... and follow the README instructions, you will have a fully-operational installation in very short order, including an SQLite database, authentication, and three example applications:
A simple "hello world"
A complex "hello world" with authentication and localization
A "bookmarks" application.

(Note that the "index.php" is only in the evaluation deployment; when you create a virtual host and point it at the Solar system document root, a .htaccess file makes the "index.php" unnecessary.)

You can read more about the structure and principles of the Solar system here.

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