Wez Furlong gives us good news about implementing the math functions needed to support TypeKey and OpenID more directly within PHP.

Solar users have had integrated TypeKey support via Solar_Auth_Adapter_Typekey for almost 6 months now. This is
in addition to all our other auth adapters (SQL database, LDAP, .htpasswd, even .ini file).

The internals of our TypeKey adapter use big-number math functions implemented in userland by Daiji Hirata. These are very useful and serve a purpose unfulfilled by anything else in PHP, but simply cannot compare in speed or simplicity to the big-number functions presented by Wez.

I for one welcome our new big-number overlord, and I hope it arrives sooner rather than later. It will make our TypeKey adapter that much faster, and open the way for an easier-to-implement OpenID adapter for Solar.

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