I wrote previously that Marcus Whitney had interviewed me for Pro-PHP podcast; well, it is online at last! :-) Thanks again, Marcus, for the opportunity, and don't worry about that high-pitched whine -- I guess that from me talking so fast the whole time (I had no idea I did so). It was a great experience for me. :-)

I misspoke a couple of times, and I want to correct those statements here, as well as provide links to some people, projects, and sources I mentioned.

Regarding the PEAR proposal for Savant, I said it ended up at -3; in fact, it ended at +2 (but needed a +5). You can read many of the comments here, but there are a lot more in the PEAR-DEV mailing list archives in several different threads.

I mentioned Matthew Weier O'Phinney near the end, around the discussion of Solar collaboration; he runs the PHP-based Cgiapp project. Also regarding Solar, I failed to mention Clay Loveless, who has provided hosting, services, and moral support for Solar.

I think that's it; if anyone else notices inaccuracies, or just has questions in general, leave them in the comments here or at Pro-PHP and I'll do my best to answer them. :-)

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