It's been pretty hot in Memphis lately -- 100 degrees Fahrenheit today, but with the humidity it felt closer to 105. Often, I'll leave the dogs outside while I'm at work, but in this heat that's dangerous (even though they quickly retire to the much-cooler under-the-deck climate).

So for the first time in a couple of weeks, I ordered them to kennel before leaving for work. "Dogs! Kennel!" Zoe, being the good one, went to kennel straight away. Wendy, being clever and diggy and generally more naughty (although still very cute) slowed her way between the bedroom and the foyer, not wanting to go into my home office (where the kennels are). After repeated "Wendy, no! Wendy, kennel! ... Kennnnellll... No! Kennel!" for about two minutes, she slouched into the office ... and into Zoe's kennel with Zoe.

Zoe & Wendy In Kennel

(Wendy is the one sitting up, patiently waiting for me to close the kennel door.)

Aw -- she didn't want to be separated from her sister for the day. How adorable. (Not allowed, of course, but adorable nonetheless. :-)