Hot on the heels of Friday's 0.4.0 release, we have today's 0.5.0 release of Solar, the simple object library and application repository for PHP. It's mostly minor bugfixes, with a couple of minor feature adds, all as a result of the ongoing end-user documentation effort.

You can view the change log here, but the highlights are:

* Unit tests for Solar_Base, _Cache, _Error, and _Locale

* End-user documentation (not just API docs) for those same classes, plus the overarching Solar class itself

I guess it's been a productive few days. :-)

UPDATE (2005-06-29): Looks like there may be some weirdness with the channel server; you might have to install from the tarball (pear install instead.

UPDATE 2: Solution is to issue "pear clear-cache" if you can't seem to get 0.5.0 to install or upgrade. Thanks to Clay Loveless, who found the solution from Greg Beaver's website.

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