The second development revision of the Savant template system version 3 is now available; you can get it from the usual location here. The change notes are:

* second development release

* error codes are now strings, not integer constants (e.g., 'ERR_UNKNOWN' instead of -1).

* added 'freeze' property to Savant3_Plugin_form

* added auto() and fullauto() methods to Savant3_Plugin_form

* changed element description arrays in Savant3_Plugin_form

* all plugins using htmlspecialchars() to filter output now use Savant3::scrub plugin instead

* added error resource for Solar errors

* updated comments throughout

As always, if you find any problems, please let me know via the Savant mailing list.

Please note that Savant2 is still being actively maintained for PHP4 and non-strict PHP5. In fact, I want to backport the Savant3 version of the 'form' plugin to Savant2; that plugin is just too good to be limited to PHP5.

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