It used to be called Hive; now it's Solar, the "Simple Object Library and Application Repository" for PHP5. This is only a development release. You can pick up the PEAR tarball here:

No real documentation yet, but you can read the auto-generated API reference here:

Next set of tasks is to get the Solar_Cell_Bugs component working properly, and I can write up a quick app to do bug tracking. Also need a mailing list, and need to set up YaWiki installation for real documentation (although Solar will have a wiki component of its own, and at that point it can be self-hosted / autonomous / internally-dependent / eat its own dog food / whatever).

Revision control is going through Subversion now instead of CVS, provided by the kind folks at TextDrive, who are the web hosts for as well. For $12/month, it's a sweet deal; my thanks to Ryan King for pointing them out.

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