Inspiration struck this morning. I wanted to get across the idea that this library is essentially a collection of simple, straightforward objects that are all related to each other and share common development principles; in addition, it would come with common application pieces pre-built. An ant hive seemed a good metaphor to use in that case. But as we have learned, the name Hive is already taken, so that's out.

However, I think I have a good replacement name: the Simple Object Library and Application Repository for PHP, or Solar. It is short, highly descriptive, lends itself to a logo and a catchphrase, and is sufficiently specific that you know what it is without being so generic that it has no meaning by itself. And nobody else is using it. :-)

So the domains are registered, all that remains is to rename the class structures and re-commit to CVS.

UPDATE (2005-02-21): You can visit for more information; and, of course, check back on this blog periodically.

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