I released a new version of Text_Wiki today composed of some bugfixes and functionality enhancements (all based on user requests, thanks everyone!).

The big deal is that Text_Wiki is "beta" now. Even though it doesn't have all the renderers I would like, the API has proven stable and extensible. The full change notes are:

* fixed Bug:2670 (incorrect css_new case in "wikilink" xhtml renderer)

* fixed Bug:2916 (parser for "code" does not set all attributes)

* implemented Request:2947 (more flexible way to handle wikilinks) -- the wikilink renderer now lets you specify a callback to determine if a page exists or not

* implemented Request:2917 (allow dot in interwiki regex parser)

* implemented Request:3162 (allow for additional punctuation in interwiki regex parser)

Text_Wiki is a PEAR package designed to parse wiki text into an intermediate format, and then render the parsed text into any supported output format (XHTML by default, but plain text and Latex are also supported, and RTF as well as other formats are expected in the future).

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