Savant sees a new release today, version 2.3.2. It's a bugfix release; the change notes are:

* can now use assign() to assign a null value by name (thanks, Michael Caplan)

* the dateformat plugin now correctly refers to named custom formats (thanks, maxim at inform-link dot co dot uk)

* added tests for named custom dateformat strings

In related news, it seems that Monte Ohrt (or someone using his name) of Smarty fame wanted to take issue with some of my comments about caching over at the house of Reverend Jim. Give Jim some traffic and see for yourself which point of view you agree with; when you're done, be sure to check out his photography work.

Finally, the Savant site has seen quadruple its normal traffic in the past 24 hours. Normally it gets about 1000 hits/day, but right now it's at 4000. Could it be that my new article for PHP Magazine on Savant has been released?

Savant is a template system for PHP that uses PHP itself as the template markup language. Savant has plugins, output filters, customized error handling, and allows you to hook in a compiler object to deal with customized non-PHP template markup. I call it the simple, elegant, and powerful alternative to Smarty.

Update: Looks like SitePoint Tech Times has a link to Savant, which explains the traffic increase. Thanks to Sean from #pear on IRC for the information, and thanks to the SitePoint folks for mentioning the project.

Update 2: At midnight: 6763 hits in 24 hours. Sweet. :-)

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