Paul M. Jones

There are no solutions, only tradeoffs.

The Proper Consequences for Speech

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(Adapted from my talk Your Project Needs a Code of Conduct, OR ELSE.)

Leftists often say, regarding free speech, that "You might get freedom of speech, but you don't get freedom from consequences!" All right, then, let's go with that for a minute. What are the proper consequences for political speech that you disagree with?

Is it to burn down my house?

Is it to call in a SWAT team to shoot me?

Is it to drag me out of my car and beat me to death?

Is it to punch me in the face when you see me on the sidewalk?

Is it to cancel my financial accounts so that I cannot purchase goods and services?

Is is to threaten my employers into firing me, so that I cannot provide for myself and my family?

Is it to eject me from voluntary organizations?


The proper consequences for political speech that you disagree with, are for you to offer opposing political speech; that is, not "incitements to action" but "arguments."