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Via Hacker News we have this from Jeremy Howard:

NumFOCUS found I violated their Code of Conduct (CoC) at JupyterCon because my talk was not “kind”, because I said Joel Grus was “wrong” regarding his opinion that Jupyter Notebook is not a good software development environment.

Joel (who I greatly respect, and consider an asset to the data science community) was not involved in NumFOCUS’s action, was not told about it, and did not support it.

NumFOCUS did not follow their own enforcement procedure and violated their own CoC, left me hanging for over a week not even knowing what I was accused of, and did not give me an opportunity to provide input before concluding their investigation.

I repeatedly told their committee that my emotional resilience was low at the moment due to medical issues, which they laughed about and ignored, as I tried (unsuccessfully) to hold back tears.

The process has left me shattered, and I won’t be able to accept any speaking requests for the foreseeable future.

I support the thoughtful enforcement of Code of Conducts to address sexist, racist, and harassing behavior, but that is not what happened in this case.

Jeremy exhibits Stockholm Syndrome in his article. He extols the virtues of Codes of Conduct, even though the actual application of this COC left him "shattered."

As with Communism, this is not a problem of the COC "not being applied properly" or "not being done right." Social Justice codes of conduct cannot be "applied properly" or "done right" according to their popularly-assumed intentions. They are always-and-only in place to allow the exercise of arbitrary power over others. The way the COC was enforced here is the norm, not the exception.