Jason was called by the Baltimore police and told that a warrant (see above) had been issued for his arrest with a charge of conspiracy to commit attempted first degree murder, which goes against Brandy Shipley’s own statement in which she said the two men filming the incident never got involved, but were “only filming.” Even so, Fyk agreed to turn himself in, and five days later he surrendered. The Baltimore police had charged him with as many as 20 various charges, including the aforementioned conspiracy charge, assault and robbery, a charge which Fyk says he has video of that completely exonerates him.

All of this stemming from what Fyk characterized as nothing more than a misdemeanor assault that he only filmed, a characterization which would seem to be accurate from the video. It’s interesting to point out as well, the second photographer was never charged in the incident.

via Police State: Publisher Charged with Murder for Just Videotaping a Fight (VIDEO) | Veracity Stew.