Solar 0.5.0 Released

Hot on the heels of Friday's 0.4.0 release, we have today's 0.5.0 release of Solar, the simple object library and application repository for PHP. It's mostly minor bugfixes, with a couple of minor feature adds, all as a result of the ongoing end-user documentation effort.

You can view the change log here, but the highlights are:

* Unit tests for Solar_Base, _Cache, _Error, and _Locale

* End-user documentation (not just API docs) for those same classes, plus the overarching Solar class itself

I guess it's been a productive few days. :-)

UPDATE (2005-06-29): Looks like there may be some weirdness with the channel server; you might have to install from the tarball (pear install instead.

UPDATE 2: Solution is to issue "pear clear-cache" if you can't seem to get 0.5.0 to install or upgrade. Thanks to Clay Loveless, who found the solution from Greg Beaver's website.

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