In response to the idea that the Gummint should nationalize "health care" (it's really "medical care" but nobody ever says it that way) we have a great bit from code: theWebSocket; about how we need to nationalize legal care.

We could set it up like this: A new governmental organization, call it the Legal Security Administration, would be formed and paid for through payroll taxes. Lawyers will be given a set amount of money by the LSA to provide legal services for their clients. They will be rewarded when they bring a case in under budget by being able to keep whatever is left over from the preset reimbursement, and take the loss when they fail. These fees will be 60 cents on the dollar of what it costs to provide the services. Lawyers will initally complain that they can't make money at fees paid, but they will be told to just make it up in case volume. Those fee levels will be the basis for what they charge their private-pay clients, and price gouging will be severely punished.

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