Last week, my neighbor Phyllis from down the street was talking about a dog she found at the corner of Riverdale and Quince. Phyllis has four cats, and they were terrified of the new dog, so she couldn't keep it. At the same time, she didn't want to just "give the dog away" -- instead, she wanted to adopt it out to a good home. I told her to bring the dog by to my house Monday evening; while I wasn't going to take another dog in, I have another friend (Libby) who is a dog fanatic and who would know of any good homes in the area.

On Monday, the new dog arrived in my backyard for play-time and looking-over. A good natured creature, mostly lab but with a little chow, perphaps some dachshund (long nose), about 25 pounds with a short golden brown coat. 6-9 months old, some minor tooth problems, sweet as could be.

So I took her in. :-) I've started calling her Wendy; it's not a Peter Pan reference, although I could work one up easily enough. "Wendy" just sounds right for her. She and Zoe (my first dog) are quickly becoming used to each other.