I think this article from BusinessPundit sums up my thoughts about Bush quite nicely.

I am no fan of Bush. I support stem-cell research, which he doesn't. I was against the prescription drug bill, the steel tariffs, the campaign finance reform bill, and the farm subsidy bill. While I don't think Bush is stupid, I don't think he is sharp enough to be President either. But could I vote for Kerry? I don't think so. To me it has come down to voting for the "tax and spend" Democrats or the "cut taxes and spend" Republicans. Does anyone care about shrinking the size of government? Nope. Does anyone care about introducing accountability into the public school system so that Americans don't fall behind the rest of the world? Not really (though they will both pay lip-service to it). So to me it basically boils down to the war on terror, which means as of now, Bush will get my reluctant vote.