Aura: First 1.0.0 Stable Library Releases!

The Aura Project for PHP 5.4 is happy to announce its first release of 1.0.0 stable library packages. The packages include:

In addition, we have initial beta releases of three new libarary packages:

Each library package is independent of all the others, so you can pick and choose which ones you want to use. With few exceptions, each class in each package has 100% PHPUnit test coverage. Each package has a full README for getting started. They all have a composer.json file and are registered at Packagist.

While the above packages are completely independent of each other, Aura also has a Framework package that binds them all together. Releasing the next version of that Framework and system skeleton is the next thing for us to do.

You can learn more about the Aura Project at, and please be sure to join our mailing list at

Update: I originally reported that Aura.Uri was a beta package; it is in fact stable.

Regarding “Simply” and “Just” In Documentation

When reading documentation, manuals, narratives, instructions, tutorials, and the like, I frequently see phrases like: “If you want to do X, simply …” and then several steps of instructions. Or, “In order to do Z, just do this, that and the other.”

You don’t need the words “simply” and “just” in your writing. If the instructions are simple, they will *look* simple. If they are not, using “simply” and “just” indicates that the writer *wants you to think* they are easy. They are marketing words, reflecting the way the author wants you to think about the work, and are not descriptive of the work itself. Eliminate these words (and their various variations) from your writing, and your meaning will be much clearer.