PHP Is Like A Handgun?

PHP is like a handgun. On its own, it is simply an inanimate tool that has no moral leaning. In the hands of a responsible citizen, it can be used to the benefit of society. But in the hands of someone who is untrained or mentally unstable, it can be used to commit horrible atrocities.

Whenever there's such a tragedy, other developers are quick to blame PHP. If PHP were illegal, then Yahoo! would never have happened. If we regulated PHP tightly, then there would be no Digg.

via Microsoft arms half-wit developers with PHP handgun [printer-friendly] • The Register.

Solar Beta 1 and 2, With A Blog Demo

The Solar Framework for PHP went to “beta” status on 18 Dec 2009 with its first beta release. I just now released beta2, along with an official blog demo tutorial.

The blog demo tutorial covers how to:

  • Download and install a new Solar system;
  • Make a vendor-space for working in the system;
  • Configure the system;
  • Make a model from a database table;
  • Make a basic application;
  • Add application actions and views to:
    • Browse all public articles,
    • Read one article,
    • Browse all draft articles,
    • Edit one article,
    • Add a new article,
    • Delete an article;
  • And finally, set locale strings for the application.

The beta release notes are here:

Download the latest system release and try it out!