Monthly Archives: May 2009

Speaking at php|tek next week

This is late notice, as usual, but I’ll be speaking at php|tek next week in Chicago. You can see the schedule here.

In addition to my Organizing Your PHP Project talk (updated from the one I have given in the past to include nods to formal namespaces and framework-based projects), I’ve got Solar on the Hackathon roster, and I have two proposed unconference talks:

Vote those up (I guess by commenting) if you want me to present them. Hope to see you there!

PHP-Only Feed

I’m sure that most people reading this blog via RSS are here mostly for the PHP content. The recent spate of economics and government-related blogging is probably feeling like a bait-and-switch to many of you. For those of you interested only in the PHP-related content, you can subscribe to the PHP-only feed here:

Planet PHP Apologies

Till just commented that all my blog posts are showing on Planet PHP, not just the PHP ones. My apologies to everyone; I thought the Planet was using only my PHP feed. I have emailed the administrators with the correct URI for the PHP-only feed. Again, very sorry to have spammed everyone with non-PHP content.