Solar and TypeKey Authentication

As astute observers will have realized, the most-recent release of Solar had a new authentication adapter in it: Solar_Auth_Adapter_Typekey.

This particular class comes from work I’m doing at my current employer, Mashery. The Mashery folks are very open-source friendly, and approve of contributing back to useful projects, so I want to go out of my way and thank Mashery explicitly for this. (Thanks Mashery!)

Likewise, the core code in Solar_Auth_Adapter_Typekey comes directly from the PEAR Auth_TypeKey work by Daiji Hirata (which strangely has not been accepted yet at PEAR; their loss is Solar’s gain). Thanks, Daiji, for contributing this code to Solar!

In this article, I’m going to talk a bit about Solar authentication in general, and then TypeKey authentication in specific.

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