Solar 0.12.0 Released

(I know I didn’t blog about the 0.11.0 release two weeks ago; sorry, been really busy here lately.)

The bad news is that, as promised, there are major changes to some core functions. However, this is the last of the expected major changes, and they promise to make added functionality and extensibility much easier.

The biggest changes are in the overarching Solar class itself and the front controller. Of those, the biggest single change is that Solar::start() no longer sets up shared objects; instead, the overarching Solar class now provides a Registry for you to set up your own shared objects. In addition, we now have read-once flashes, a TwoStepView pattern, and front controller hook scripts to set up the application environment. Finally, the content model appears to be on solid footing with a few changes to the class architecture. Read on for more about these changes (at great length).

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